SQL Server to Oracle: Why the Benefits of a Migration Should Outweigh Your Concerns

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Companies that are serious about their growth also need to be serious about the backbone of their business: the database. As business expands, so too does the need for a reliable, high-performing database system. Many organizations are learning that the best way to support the growth of their business is to migrate to Oracle. We recently performed a migration for a company that wanted to move their SQL Server databases in order to standardize onto an Oracle platform.

The client had many concerns about staying on their current platform. The most important factor was cost versus performance. They realized that the quality they were seeing in key areas, particularly security, risk, and performance, did not justify paying such high support costs. They decided to switch to Oracle because they knew that Oracle is a market leader in database technology, they needed advanced security for their data, the performance of their current platform was unsatisfactory, and the cost of current vendor support fees was too high.

The company decided to contact mLogica for its migration for three reasons 1) automated migration methodology, and proven and repeatable processes, 2) access to Oracle’s migration platform and support from Oracle Engineering, and 3) mLogica’s resources are highly seasoned and experienced in migrations.

mLogica’s first step was to provide an in-depth analysis of the client’s current environments. This required test runs for database objects’ conversion and stored procedures conversion using an automated migration casino online tool kit, application re-direction, and reviewing/analyzing interfaces, workflows and scripts. Once this was done, the team moved the next phase, which was the port of all objects, stored procedures and structures. Two migrations runs were performed and all the failed objects were fixed. As part of the service package, the migration team provided post production and UAT support, along with knowledge transfer, to complete the migration lifecycle.

The mLogica team was able to successfully complete the database migration to Oracle Database 12c with very few minor issues. The client now can realize the benefits of an Oracle platform, including cost efficiencies and performance increases. Its users are now provided with a real-time and collaborative environment with flexibility, security, data privacy, and performance. The migration to Oracle was a large part of this solution, balancing scalability, security, high performance, and price.